Hello All! This is my first post to WordPress Blog. I am a photographer living in Florida trying to make it through like the rest of the world! Please take a look at my website: www.avouglasphotography.com. It is also listed in my profile.

Please feel free to read about me in my profile. I do not want to post it twice and have it become mundane. I will be posting new photos and photo art in my blog. I am also on FB: AVouglasPhotography.

I would like to post the latest piece I have for sale called Queen of the Flowers. This is a monarch butterfly in a garden on flowers. The frame and photo together are $63.00. If you are interested, please e-mail me, and I will forward you a paypal link requesting payment to your email. You should then receive it within a week (probably sooner depending on location). The photo in this frame is 11 x 14.

11 x 14 photo in a brown/copper metalic colored frame.

$63.00 (as shown)

I have a monthly give away for the person who refers the most friends/people to my mailing list. Each 15th of the  month I look at the stats to see who has referred the most people to my mailing list. The winner of this monthly contest receives a free 11 x 14 photo of his or her choice from my site. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Free artwork? I’d go for it! Also, check for specials in my mailings. I will send coupons out for % off or a dollar amount off..sometimes buy one get a free 5 x7.. I try to make it fun and worth your time, money and wall space 🙂

Please come back again!